The newest members of the COGNID sensor family are here!

The WS-B1 sensor can determine the position of the handbrake by means of a tilt detection. The second variant WS-B2 is attached to the handwheel in just a few steps and determines the status of the brake by turning it.

With these sensors, applied handbrake positions can be quickly detected and the generation of wheel flats on equipped cars can be tracked and avoided. By communicating with the TrackCube 6 series, information about an attached
Handbrake immediately transmitted to the train driver and the portal. The digital support noticeably shortens the duration of departure checks.

Convince yourself of more than 6 years of service life with full functionality of approx. 280 messages per day. You will continue to drive safely in the future thanks to the support of the new ITSS IF2 Lite
radio standards.

Performance characteristics


Lithium primary cell for a service life of more than 6 years.

Sensors for detecting the handbrake position.

3-axis accelerometer to detect shock and movement.

2.4 GHz radio interface for data communication “ITSS IF2 Lite Ready”

Extremely robust design tested acc. DIN EN 61373 (category 3).

Small sensor, big effect.

Because it prevents the formation of flat spots.


We will support you with the installation and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Mounting bracket for attachment to the anti-lift device. (D00249).

Mounting plate for gluing and clipping to the bogie frame (D00288).

Other mounting plates for gluing, screwing, clipping, riveting, welding available.


The sensor is designed for a wide range of applications and always delivers reliable data.

Commissioning: Activation via magnetic switch, from the outside of the housing using a permanent magnet.

Radio interface: 2.4 GHz short-range radio (ITSS IF2 Ready) for data communication with the basic telematics device.

Update service: Firmware download via radio.

Data sheet




Data sheet





Power supply: lithium battery.

Motion Detection: 3 axis acceleration sensor.

Antennas: integrated short-range radio antenna.

Radio standard: 2.4 GHz radio interface for data communication “ITSS IF2 Lite Ready”.

Housing dimensions: W x H x D = 50 mm x 36 mm x 65 mm.

Operating temperature: -40°C to +80°C.

Weight: approx. 150 g / 370 g (without / with mounting plate)

Degree of protection: IP69, acc. DIN EN 60529 through full encapsulation.

Certification: Railway applications acc. DIN EN 50121-3-2, DIN EN 50155, CE conformity.

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