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We are a well-rehearsed team of engineers, technicians and software developers who develop innovative solutions in the field of GPS positioning and evaluation of digital data for logistics in the areas of rail traffic, road traffic, mobile work machines and shipping.

We leave well-trodden paths in order to offer our customers a tailor-made solution for their data acquisition and thus their logistical decision-making processes.

Our online portals give you full control.

With Telematik360 (rail) , we have developed a well thought-out and clear interface for the topic of rail transport and thus offer a perfect working environment in connection with our hardware. This means you always have a complete overview to ensure a smooth workflow at all times.

With Telematik360 , we offer a tool specially tailored to this area for mobile work machines.

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In order to always achieve the best result for our customers, we are in constant contact with them. The exchange enables a flexible and timely implementation of new functions that improve the workflow. This means that we are always able to develop individual solutions for digital data acquisition and evaluation.

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