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Open platform for telematics data from the working platforms and construction machinery industry.

Optimize your daily business and use the possibilities of Telematik360.

From the calculation of the exact working time to machine data, Telematik360 gives you an optimal overview of this information.

The information collected can be transferred to an evaluation with just a few mouse clicks, which can also be used for later analysis.

Operating hours

always in view.

The map overview

gives you the complete overview.

trace display


In the track display, all position reports are linked in an adjustable period of time and displayed as the distance covered.

With the help of the systems that provide online position reports of the routes traveled, it is possible to precisely track the route taken.

In addition, the speeds driven in the route sections are shown in colour.

Export for Google Earth


All reports are made available for download in full.

The transfer takes place in the formats for Microsoft Excel and Google Earth.

Optionally, data forwarding for external IT systems can be set up via an XML interface.

system settings

TELEMATIK360 enables system settings for all devices. You adapt the displays to the setting options of the end devices.

For example: movement/standstill, area monitoring, digital inputs or digital outputs


Depending on the devices displayed, sensor information, for example, is displayed graphically.

In addition, there is the possibility of evaluation with the help of a macro for Microsoft Excel, which we provide to each customer free of charge.

Daily or weekly evaluations are created that provide clear information about the trips and downtimes.


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