Shaping the future

and set no limits.

Shaping the future

Knowing when, what, where is happening

is one of the main tasks in modern logistics.

COGNID Telematik GmbH has been dedicated to this topic for years and has successfully launched a number of innovations in this area during this time.

Your success is our goal,

so that they can fully unlock your potential.

Our products open up a number of new possibilities for optimization in logistics that were thought to be impossible years ago.

There are many advantages!

This is because immense savings potentials arise, which will carry your company further to success.

Our references

Mobile work machines

rail transport

There are no borders

For more than 25 years

are our special skills, the understanding of our customers’ processes and the resulting project and product-specific development of system solutions in hardware and software.

The easy way counts

For more than 25 years

we can look back on a large number of innovative and successful system solutions. Intelligent solutions do not always have to be complicated.

Let’s shape the future

You have an idea for your project? Let’s develop it together!