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is very robust, compact and specially developed for industrial use on lifting platforms, forklifts and construction machinery.

The device transmits current operational data and location information that must be available for billing or operational control. In addition to the running time of the machine, the use of the auxiliary drives is also transmitted, which in turn enables the working time to be recorded precisely.

Alarm messages, area detections, etc. also make a significant contribution to theft protection.

With the “Voltage monitoring” function, we give you the option of displaying all important information, such as charging cycles, charging progress and event evaluation in the portal simply by connecting to the power supply.

Compact and robust

and specially developed for industrial use.





EU Konformitätserklärung


EU Konformitätserklärung


Deployment control and remote monitoring online


Online transmission of machine, sensor data and locations.

Monitoring of deployment times, operating hours in real time.

Free message control, among other things, by motion detection.

Detection of multi-shift usage and unauthorized weekend usage.

Vehicle monitoring for several months even when the machine is switched off.

Anti-theft and remote shutdown


Immobilizer: Activation of an approved immobilizer in the event of unauthorized use.

Interruption of a power take-off by radio.

Location determination even after the power supply has been disconnected.

Range alarm notification when range is exceeded.

Alarm message when engine starts or motion is detected within a blocking time.

Alarm functions individually configurable

Start alarm when starting the engine (ignition on) in a blocking period.

Movement alarm when the vehicle moves, even without a motor, during a blocking period.

Sensor alarm when an adjustable limit value is exceeded or not reached.

Voltage alarm when the supply voltage is interrupted, then battery operation.

Area alarm when exiting or entering an area.

Auto-area detection dynamic adjustment of the monitoring areas.

Remote query of statuses

Detection of engine and driving operation.

Status reports on the use of the auxiliary drives.

Battery voltage and charge cycle detection.

diagnostic input for vehicle electronics via vehicle-specific RS232 connection.

Condition monitoring using a temperature sensor.

Notification when exceeding or falling below limit values.

Voltage monitoring the energy at a glance.


The sophisticated technology makes the difference.

Operating voltage: 9 V to 100 V DC through vehicle electrical system.

Battery: Integrated, machine monitoring up to 6 months.

Motion Sensor: Integrated 3-axis acceleration and vibration sensor.

GSM/UMTS/GPRS/GPS: Global coverage with GSM and UMTS modem, 72 channel GNSS, use of A-GPS.

Antenna: external GSM/UMTS/GNSS antenna.

Interfaces: 5 digital inputs, optionally as digital or analog, 1 input for operating voltage, 2 digital outputs, 1-Wire, 1 RS232 diagnostic interface (e.g. for Ruthemann Teleservice or external keyboard)

Housing 133 x 118 x 36 mm, IP67.

Operating temperature: -20°C to +85°C.

E1 type approval from the Federal Motor Transport Authority for operation in road vehicles.

CE declaration of conformity for use on industrial trucks, work platforms and construction machinery.

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