Herewith we present our newest product ECO PAD. The keyboard allows you to use an RFID card / PIN CODE to release and lock your machines / systems in a personalized and time-controlled manner.
Of course, you can use the recorded data exactly for your billing. Business data can be evaluated and other functions can be set via the online portal.


The keyboard is designed for lifting and working platforms and is available in two versions.


  • Cable outlet on the side below or on the back.
  • RFID cards can be printed.
  • Only possible in connection with an ECO PRO / GTM 4.



  • Robust membrane keyboard: abrasion-resistant, UV-resistant
  • User identification through personalized RFID card
  • Machine release only by authorized employees
  • Monitoring of deployment times and usage time in real time
  • Company and user-specific releases
  • Display of all messages and events