About us

For more than 20 years

For more than 20 years, the employees at COGNID have been experts for topics such as data recording, locating, and communication. We have a track record that includes a wide range of large and small projects. In most cases, the cost-effective standard solutions are sufficient, but special customer needs have also been implemented as part of projects.

The wide range of customer needs not only resulted in locating solutions for cars, trucks, or rail vehicles, but also for a variety of containers, construction and agricultural vehicles, and have even included ship locating functionality.

Telematik360 / Locate24

Positions and data are rendered on our Locate24 Internet portal. The locating platform was developed in-house. The functional scope is continuously expanded and adapted to new solutions.

Ranging from positions, routes, sensor data, time recording, alarm messaging for unauthorized usage, or when threshold values are not met, to trip logs and driving time monitoring – Locate24 supports you in your daily work. Our products are shown under the Products heading.

From simple evaluations to Telematics-BWA you get the necessary transparency for the use of your vehicles and machines.

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