TrackCube 5

Possible uses

  • TrackCube 5 is an in-house development from COGNID and was specifically designed for GPS location of mobile objects without external power supply.
  • Locating, monitoring and tracking of:
    • rail vehicles / railcars
    • trailers/containers/swap bodies
    • operational monitoring and theft protection for construction vehicles / construction machinery
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TC 5 Akku Powermodul

Location monitoring

  • Current locations in the overview table and overview map
  • Tracking of locations via list rendering
  • Operational monitoring and theft protection of construction vehicles/construction machinery

Sensor monitoring

  • Sensor alarm on movement during a lockout period
  • Temperature or pressure monitoring
  • Threshold values can be programmed for each sensor, which immediately trigger an alarm when not met or exceeded

Equipment programming

  • The monitoring function of the TrackCube 5 is programmed via Locate24.
  • Threshold values can be programmed for each sensor that immediately trigger an alarm when not met or exceeded.
  • We can make adjustments for special requirements since we are also the manufacturer of the firmware and the Locate24 internet platform.

Notes and installation

  • No external connections; sensors can be connected optionally
  • Internal power supply and antennas
  • Reporting cycles can be configured via Locate24
  • Alarm on movement can be configured via Locate24
  • Alarm when leaving area (Geofence) can be configured via Locate24
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Convenient battery exchange also by customer

Technical specifications

  • Runtime: 5 years with 3 position reports daily
  • Reporting cycles: fixed schedule, cyclical schedule, on movement, etc.
  • Sensors: integrated movement recognition (2 digital inputs optional)
  • Power supply: integrated lithium battery (replaced at the end of the runtime)
  • Data transmission: quad-band GSM/GPRS modem (equipped for use on all mobile networks)
  • GPS receiver: SuperSense GPS receiver
  • Operating temperature: -25°C to +75°C
  • Dimensions: L x W x H = 110 x 75 x 57 [mm]
  • Housing: Fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Protection type: IP 69K (steam jet resistant)
  • Certification: CE, rail applications EN 50121-3-2:2006; EN 50155:2007
  • Data security: all servers are located in Germany