TrackCube 4

Possible uses

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  • Monitoring and GPS locating more than 24 month with battery operation
  • TrackCube 4 is an battery-powered unit for monitoring an locating.
  • TrackCube 4 sends an alarm message within a lockdown period:
    • alarm messaging for unauthorized vehicle movement, vibration, impact, slope
    • area alarm when leaving or entering an area
    • alarm messages to e-mail addresses or to mobile phone by SMS
  • TrackCube 4 is rugged, compact, and especially suited for industrial applications.
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TrackCube 4 in Containersicke
TrackCube 4 mit Montageplatte
TrackCube 4 mit Montageplatte
TrackCube 4 mit Montageplatte
TrackCube 4 mit Magnetfüssen
TrackCube 4 mit Magnetfüssen
TrackCube 4 mit Industrieklett

Theft protection

  • TrackCube 4 reliably recognizes movement, shock and orientation changes
  • TrackCube 4 responds to changes and immediately sends an alarm message within a lockdown period.
  • Any attempt to open the lid is also recognized to prevent tampering.

GPS location

  • TrackCube 4 is equipped with a high-performance GPS receiver. Advanced mechanisms and innovative high-frequency architecture suppress interfering signals.
  • The integrated and highly sensitive GPS antenna has been fine-tuned by antenna specialists for the housing and operating conditions.
  • Assisted GPS (A-GPS) allows position calculations even in difficult installation situations and with weak signals.

Object monitoring

  • TrackCube 4 is equipped with a highly sensitive and orientation independent impact sensor to record any movement.
  • There is also an accelerometer that allows analysis of the shock. It is therefore possible to analyze movement and to avoid false alarms.
  • The accelerometer also analyzes the magnitude and direction of an impact.
  • TrackCube 4 can use the sensors to determine a change in orientation, therefore also allowing very gradual changes to be recognized.
  • Special functions can be implemented based on customer need.

Note and installation

Various installation options are available for the TrackCube 4 to match a variety of applications:

  • Velcro or dual lock strips
  • Universal mounting plate, V2A stainless steel to secure the TrackCube 4 with screws, cable ties or also simply on packaging ties with a thickness of up to 4mm.
  • Magnetic fastener kit, consisting of four pieces of extremely powerful permanent magnets for direct attachment on the TrackCube 4.

Technical specifications

  • Data security: All servers are located in Germany
  • Replaceable lithium battery
  • Integrated SIM card and eSIM
  • Quad-band GSM / GPRS modem
  • GPS receiver, A-GPS
  • Two digital inputs, optional
  • Internal antennas; optionally external
  • High sensitivity shock sensor
  • Optionally also suited for use with extreme shock and vibration exposure
  • IP 67 watertight and rugged
  • Operating temperature: -40°C bis +85°C
  • Dimensions: 99x65x39 [mm]
  • Installation plate: 118x84x1 [mm]
TrackCube 4 mit Montageplatte