Portal for managing and locating your telematic systems

  • Locating function for the entire fleet using a uniform platform
  • Trucks, cars, containers, construction machinery, …
  • List rendering
  • Track rendering
  • Export for Google Earth

List rendering

  • The list rendering shows all position reports in chronological sequence. This provides complete traceability for position reports, system and sensor messages.
  • All messages are indicated with date, time, country, postal code, city, street, and the house number when available.
  • Other information can be displayed on a customized basis, such as coordinates, elevation information, directions, etc.
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Track rendering

  • The track rendering links all position messages within a programmable timeframe, and displays these as the traveled route.
  • The routes traveled by the systems that supply online position messages allow the traveled route to be retraced accurately.
  • In addition, the traveled speeds are rendered in color for the route sections.

Export for Google Earth

  • All messages are made fully available for download.
  • The data is transmitted in formats for Microsoft Excel and Google Earth
  • Data can also be optionally forwarded to external IT systems via XML interface.

Driving time display

  • The driving time display function continuously calculates the current Idle time, Break time and Driving time for the past 48 hours.
  • The data is additionally rendered graphically

System settings

  • Locate24 allows system settings for all devices.
  • The displays are adjusted to the setting options on the end-user devices.
  • For example: movement/ at rest, area monitoring, digital inputs, digital outputs


  • For instance, sensor data are displayed graphically based on the displayed devices.
  • In addition, an analysis option exists using a Microsoft Excel macro that we provide to every customer free of charge.
  • This macro creates daily or weekly analyses that provide well organized information about travel and idle times.