GloboTrack Basic

Possible uses

  • Display of current locations / positions of your vehicles
  • Track display of travelled routes in lists and on digital maps
  • Location description for each position (State, postal code, city, street, house number)
  • Monitoring and alarm messaging for movements, engine starts, leaving or entering a territory / area
  • Digital output, for instance for remote shutoff via immobilizer
  • Trip analysis (travel times, idle times, usage duration, etc.)
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Theft protection with no additional charges

  • Alarm messaging for unauthorized engine starts
  • Alarm messaging for unauthorized vehicle movement / towing alarm
  • Alarm messaging when leaving or entering an area
  • The monitoring functions can be separately programmed for each weekday. For instance only on weekends.
  • The alarm message can be transmitted via e-mail or SMS.

Towing alarm / movement alarm

  • Alarm messaging for unauthorized vehicle movement, independent from engine start / towing alarm.
  • Monitoring times can be programmed separately for each day.
  • Alarms are forwarded by SMS or e-mail
  • All settings can be programmed free of charge without technical knowledge on the Locate24 locating platform.

Territory control / area monitoring / Geofence

  • You will receive an e-mail or SMS when an area you specify is left or entered.
  • You can assign unique names to areas, for instance the company name, the name of the sales territory, or a customer name.
  • All messages are archived in the message list.

Ecological driving behavior

In addition to current position, movement and area messages, you are also given information about the driving behavior. Additional messages are sent in response to:

  • hard acceleration
  • hard braking
  • rapid cornering

Electronic trip log

  • Trip start (time, city), trip end (time, city), duration of individual trips, odometer reading (adjustable to the vehicle odometer reading)
  • Trip length
  • Data entry of business trip / personal trip / trip purpose / driver
  • Track rendering of individual trips
  • Printout for tax authorities, including revision history

Always current analysis of driving times

  • The current status of driving times, break times and idle times are calculated with a click.
  • The display shows a bar chart for the last 48 hours.
  • All calculated times are shown as figures directly next to the bar chart.

Analysis of travel and idle times for each day

  • Calculates the time between the start of the first trip of the day until the end of the last trip.
  • Calculates the idle time between trips (length of stay).
  • Calculates the driven kilometers for each individual trip, all trips for the day and for the entire analysis timeframe.
  • Analysis with Microsoft Excel for further use

Notes and installation:

  • Installation is very straightforward and be performed by any car mechanic.
  • Connect power supply (+/-) and the ignition voltage
  • Attach GPS antenna for location reading
  • The unit can also be installed in a concealed location under plastics. However, the GPS antenna must be able to receive satellite signals and cannot be placed under a metal cover.

Technical specifications

  • Movement alarm: integrated movement sensor for movement alarm
  • Power consumption: extremely low power consumption when at rest, with only 1 mA consumed
  • Operating voltage: 10 to 30 V DC from vehicle power supply
  • Operating temperature: -25 to 55°C
  • Antennas: GSM antenna, GPS antenna
  • Other interfaces: 2 digital inputs and digital input for engine on/off,
    2 digital outputs, 1 analog input,
    1 input (1 wire) for temperature sensor or iButton
  • Housing dimensions: 67 x 62 x 14 [mm]
  • Protection type: IP 51
  • Certifications: CE, e-vehicle certification (uses in automobile applications)
  • Data security: all servers are located in Germany