Possible applications

  • Robust, compact and especially suitable for industrial use on lifting platforms, forklift trucks and construction machinery, etc.
  • GTM transmits current operating data and location information that must be available for billing or operational control. For example: the running time of the machine, the use of the auxiliary drives, etc.
  • GTM can be used to record working hours.
  • Alarm messages, area detections, etc. additionally offer a significant contribution to theft protection.
  • With the "Voltage monitoring" function, we give you the option of having all important information, such as charging cycles, charging progress and event evaluation, displayed in the portal only by connecting to the power supply.
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Deployment control and remote monitoring worldwide online

  • Online transmission of machine, sensor data and locations
  • Monitoring of operating times, operating hours in real time
  • Clearance control, e.g. through motion detection
  • Detection of multi-layer use
  • Detection of unauthorised weekend use
  • Vehicle monitoring even when the machine is parked for several months

Remote enquiry of the states of the digital inputs

  • Detection of engine and driving operation
  • Status messages on the use of the power take-offs
  • Detection of battery voltage and charging cycles
  • Diagnostic input for vehicle electronics via vehicle-specific RS232 connection
  • Condition monitoring by means of temperature sensor
  • Message when limit values are exceeded or undershot
  • Voltage monitoring

Diebstahlschutz und Fernabschaltung

  • Aktivierung einer zugelassenen Wegfahrsperre bei unberechtigter Nutzung
  • Unterbrechung per Funk eines Nebenantriebes
  • Standortermittlung auch nach abgeklemmter Spannungsversorgung
  • Alarmmeldung bei Bereichsüberschreitung
  • Alarmmeldung bei Motorstart oder Bewegungserkennung innerhalb einer Sperrzeit

Alarmfunktionen sind für jeden Wochentag (Mo-So) unterschiedlich einstellbar

  • Startalarm beim Motorstart (Zündung ein) in einer Sperrzeit
  • Bewegungsalarm bei einer Fahrzeugbewegung auch ohne Motor in einer Sperrzeit
  • Sensoralarm bei einer Über- oder Unterschreitung eines einstellbaren Grenzwerte
  • Spannungsalarm bei Unterbrechung der Versorgungsspannung, dann Akkubetrieb
  • Bereichsalarm beim Verlassen oder Befahren eines Bereichs
  • Auto-Bereichserkennung dynamische Anpassung der Überwachungsbereiche

Technical data

  • Operating voltage: 9 V to 100 V DC through vehicle electrical system
  • Battery: Integrated, machine monitoring up to 6 months
  • Motion sensor: Integrated 3-axis acceleration and vibration sensor
  • GSM/UMTS/GPRS/GPS: Global coverage with GSM and UMTS modem, 72 channel GNSS, use of A-GPS
  • Antennas: external GSM/UMTS/GNSS antenna
  • Interfaces: 5 digital inputs, optionally as digital or analogue, 1 input for operating voltage, 2 digital outputs, 1-Wire, 1 RS232 diagnostic interface(e.g. for Ruthemann teleservice or external keyboard)
  • Housing: 133 x 118 x 36 mm, IP67
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C to +85 °C
  • E1: Type approval of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (Federal Motor Transport Authority) for operation in road vehicles
  • CE : Declaration of conformity for use on industrial trucks, working platforms and construction machines