Possible uses

  • Rugged, compact, and especially suited for industrial uses on lift platforms, forklift trucks, contrution machinery, etc.
  • GTM transmits real time operating data and location information that are needed for billing or operational monitoring. These include for example: the machine runtime, auxiliary drive usage, etc.
  • GTM can be used to record operating hours.
  • Alarm messages, area recognition etc. provide an additional important layer for theft protection.
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EU-Declaration of Conformity

Data recording

  • Online transmission of machinery sensor data and locations
  • Monitoring of operating schedules, real time operating hours
  • Sign-off monitoring, for instance by movement recognition
  • Recognition of multi-shift usage
  • Recognition of unauthorized weekend usage
  • Several months of vehicle monitoring even when machine is stored

Remote query of digital input statuses

  • Recognition of engine and travel operation
  • Status messages for uses of auxiliary drives
  • Recognition of battery voltage and charging cycles
  • Diagnostics port for vehicle electronics via vehicle-specific RS-232 interface
  • Status monitoring averages temperature
  • Message when threshold values are not met or exceeded

Theft protection and remote shutoff via digital ports

  • Authorized immobilizer is activated on unauthorized use
  • Auxiliary drive is interrupted by radio
  • Location determined even when power supply has been cut
  • Alarm message when: Area is left
  • Alarm message when: Engine starts or movement is recognized within lockout period

Different alarm function settings are possible for each weekday (Mo-Su)

  • Start alarm on engine start (ignition on) during a lockout period
  • Movement alarm when vehicle moves even without engine during a lockout period
  • Sensor alarm when a programmable threshold value is not met or exceeded
  • Voltage alarm when the power supply is interrupted; followed by switch to battery operation
  • Area alarm when leaving or entering an area
  • Auto area recognition – dynamic adjustment of monitored areas

Technical specifications

  • Operating voltage: 9V to 100V DC from vehicle power supply
  • Battery: integrated, machine monitoring up to 6 months
  • Movement sensor: Shock sensor and optional 3D accelerometer
  • GSM/GPRS/GPS: GSM quad-band modem, 72 channel GPS, A-GPS usage
  • Antennas: internal GSM antenna (optional external), external GPS antenna
  • Interfaces: 5 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, 1 wire, RS-232 diagnostics port, iButton user identification
  • Housing: 133 x 118 x 36 [mm]
  • Protection type: IP68 / IP65 impact-resistant, weatherproof
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +85°C
  • Certification: e-type certification by the Federal Motor Vehicle Agency [Kraftfahrtbundesamt] for operation in road vehicles; CE conformity declaration law. testing pursuant to EN 61000-6-2 and 6-3 for use on lift platforms and construction machinery
  • Data security: all servers are located in Germany